Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The New Caliph (^___^)


salam sejahtera,
salam 1Malaysia..

sila Jawab salam yang diberikan (^^,)

dah jawab?

Alhamdulillah! terima kasih kasih2ku sekalian..

wanna to share about the newborn baby of my Along, muhammad Redzuan and angah, Abdul Hadi.

i'm speechles when i got the picture of this two baby.

so cute n chubby!

Alhamdulillah both baby and their mom in a good condition.
Thank You Allah for the Greatest gift that i ever have.


Muhammad Irfan Danish  (putera Along)


Puteri Annisa.( puteri angah)

#baby, welcome to the new world.
#may Allah bless on you.
#be a good son and daughter to your parents, family and religion.

love you sooooo muchhhhhh (^^,)

notakaki:sorry if my english is broken..peace!

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